Sara Byström

Swedish, very young passionate about the French language, life brought me to France through Switzerland, literature and photography. My interest in law as a means of helping others led me to study law at the Sorbonne.

Thanks to my 30 years of experience in French law and France, my clients benefit from my detailed understanding of the country as a whole, in its diversity and its details as well as the way in which everything works and can be resolved with an adapted approach. .

Thanks to my Swedish origins and my experiences, I take great pleasure in reassuring many individuals and companies, often Swedish, Americans or other Anglo-Saxons and often non-residents, in their relations with France.

Born in the arts, my passion for artistic creations and communication also leads me to support artists, producers, cultural actors and their works, creations, productions and projects with great joy!


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We are members of the Paris Bar Association, the National Bar Council CNB, the Association of Real Estate Transaction Attorneys – AAMTI, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in France CCSF, the Cercle Suédois Svenska Klubben, of the International Bar Association IBA, SFU – ALAI Sweden, ICOMOS international, ICLAFI, SWEA and SVIV.

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