Photographers, image & advertisement professionals

Be relaxed in your photographic life and business, with your images, productions or distributions, with us you are at home!

Photographers and photo industry actors

Rooted in our origins, our passion for photography, images and visual worlds is expressed relentlessly and every day at the international level for over 30 years, including 10 years in one of the largest photographic agencies in France and in the world!

Do you
want to learn about photo credits, copyrights and useful info when uploading a photo, whether digital or material?

Do you
want to know if your invoices, contracts, estimates respect the rules for each shot, production, situation and client and if they protect you?

Do you
want to know which rights photographers and assistant-photographers have and how to enforce them?

Do you
want to be assured regarding liabilities in image rights, privacy rights, publicity rights and other third party rights in the displayed content?

Do you
wish to create a model release, a property release or any other authorisation or paper for a production or a work for hire ?

Do you
want to be sure about your project and wish an analyse of an assignment, a coproduction agreement, an exhibition contract?

Have you
discovered an unauthorized use of an image, a photo or illustration on which you detain rights and wish some help to go forward in asking for damages ?

Are you
a photo collector, photo gallery or art market actor, agent or image producer and wish assistance with your legal strategy?

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Concrete understanding with a day-to-day experience

for efficient communication, respect of rights and interests and quality in relationships and issues

Legal expertise confirmed in the industry

to serve your photos, images, productions, projects, other image issues in the best way thanks to our 30 years in the industry

360° approach for an optimum solution

to optimise your protection, continue your shooting, distribution, production and other projets.

A la carte services

– Legal analysis of your photos, imagery, productions
– Risk management consultation of your images
– Tailor made licence agreements, work for hire, MR etc
– Commercial industry adapted strategy
– Copyright management system advice
– Analysis of your model agreements, third party licences and releases
– Representation of your interests in infringement situations and processes
– Royalties, rights and money collection
– Representation and negotiation with producers, agencies, clients, models etc
– Establishment of industry adapted copyright protection strategy
– Assistance in photo, image, model and visual actors negotiations
– Consultation with regard to image business actors status and business development


– Which are my rights as a photographer?
– The licence agreement, assignment, release or work for hire agreement I’m asked to sign, does it protect my rights?
– What does the photo credit DR mean and is it legal to use it ?
– How can I best explain my moral rights and have them respected ?
– May I use this photo I found on the net in my business project ?
– Our Terms and Conditions, CGV, CGU and policies are they adapted for France ?
– How do I manage the applicable law question in a contract, authorisation or release  ?
– Can I cancel an assignment that I’ve start to work on ?
– Do the agency or the end user need to keep me updated on uses of my image ?
– How can I be assured that my contractor will respect my rights ?
– Which is the difference between different content rights in a photo or an image ?


– I just saw an online infringement of my image
– Our image provider has been summoned in French court
– I quickly want to recover my film and copies at my agency
– My name has been associated with a photo that isn’t mine
– I’m a photographer without artist status and my photos has been copied
– My licensing company asks me to sign a new agreement immediately
– I want to take a copyright infringement to court
– The model I used for my royalty free production is asking me to cancel our agreement
– I’ve sent a lot of reg letters to my distributor but I still haven’t received my royalties
– My website has been attacked and all images has been downloaded

Of origin

With a daily life in the photo and image industry for more than ten years and the creation of the first in-house legal department in a photo agency in France, in one of the largest agencies in the world, Sara Byström is very proud of her unique added value!

Born in the visual arts, Sara comes from a long lineage of painters and visual artists over several generations and lives a daily life of visual works from creation to communication. This intimate belonging to the image, art painting and photo industries gives us, in addition to our specific legal knowledge and experience, a real deep connection, a particular sensitivity that feeds everything we do for our photographers, visual artists, producers, agencies, distributors and other lovers of these essentials to human life, may they be photos, images or other visual works, fixed or animated, vintage or digital!

Our fees

Swedish trust
in action

As we are used to in Sweden, our sincerity and kindness are our DNA and core values we proudly carry with us to make our collaboration with you as positive as possible.

We will therefore tell you exactly what we propose and why we are suggesting it. We will always wait for your approval before acting. The same goes for our written material, which you will validate before taking any action.

If the billing is at an hourly rate, when we have worked 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 50 minutes on the mission you have entrusted to us, the billing will be done only on the reality of the time we have spent for your file. You will also be provided with details of the time spent and our actions taken during the mission.

Clarity and predictability

After having explained the professional rules and basis of our legal guarantee, you will learn how our fees are set.

We decide together, in full transparency and in writing, the terms of our collaboration for your file: fees, external costs, payment, deadline, mission, information, obligations, etc.

Any evolution, any modification of the mission and/or its conditions will be decided together and then put in writing to preserve the confidence between us.

Preliminary interview
and audit

To clearly analyze your request and your needs, it is important for us to start any collaboration with a preliminary interview. This can be done by phone, by video conference or during an appointment at our office.

In order to help you in the best possible way, every file starts with an audit of your situation. It is therefore normal that we as a first step ask you to provide us with all the information and documents you have.

We will then be able to provide you with an audit detailing our proposed actions and the conditions needed to implement them. We then decide togethter how your file is best taken care of and how you wish to move forward.

Fixed price / subscription /
hourly fee

Depending on the specificities of your matter, issue or project, its subject, actions to set forth, estimated time needed and all the stakes, invoicing of our fees are often determined in stages, as we go forward, step by step.

Sometimes a fixed-price billing may be possible. In some cases a time-based billing will be necessary. In some situations, a subscription can be set out. A percentage on the amount at stake can sometimes be decided : amount obtained for the benefit of the client, the money saved on behalf of the client or on the value of the real estate property.

Modes and means of payment

To facilitate our communication, payment of invoices and fees can be made by wire, international transfer or SEPA wire, Stripe link or by check issued on a French bank.

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