Sleep soundly in Sweden or the United States, Sara Byström takes care of everything in France!


have inherited a Property located in France and don't know how to do ?

need to know if French inheritance law applies to your situation?

you are wondering about the sale of a apartment or house in France?

are planning to give your house in France to your children?

want to be certain that Does the employment contract offered to you in France protect you?

want to settle in France and want support to guarantee the success of your project?

want to rent a
apartment in
France and want to be confident in your rental?

want to be clear about your administrative and tax status in France and its consequences?

Cultural understanding

of the Swedes, French and Americans to fully grasp the specificities of each country

Legal expertise

to contribute to your success and neutralize your legal, tax and administrative risks

Approach 360

with our network of trusted partners for complete support for you and your managers

A la Carte

– Analysis of your situation in France
– Representation vis-à-vis notaries
– Analysis of house purchase or sale contract
– Support in an inheritance
– Intervention with banks and insurance companies
– Memo on purchasing real estate
– Tax consultation for an informed choice!
– Analysis of employment contract
– Consultation on installation in France


– What does the document that the French administration sent me mean?
– Why do the notary’s actions take a long time?
– Who should pay the real estate agent?
– Why am I being told to create an SCI?
– How to fill out the bank form?
– What are the consequences of a family donation?
– What obligations for real estate work?


– I receive a bailiff’s document
– I receive a formal notice
– I receive a request to pay right away
– I am subject to a tax audit
– I receive a summons to appear before the judge, in court
– I have to leave my apartment very quickly
– I note that the work ordered has stopped
– I just lost my job
– I received a letter whose content I do not understand

Real estate mandate

Opt for security and centralization of the purchase, sale or rental of your apartment, house, building or land!

Lawyer and agent in real estate transactions, we give you from the start of the project all the legal security and control that it deserves!

Our fees

Preliminary interview and audit

In order to analyze your request and your needs, any start of collaboration begins with a preliminary interview by telephone, video conference or physical meeting.

To help you as best as possible, every file begins with an audit. You will therefore provide us with all the information and all useful documents at the start.

In the audit we will propose actions and the conditions to implement them. Helped by our advice, you will then decide how you want to move forward.

Transparent collaboration

After having explained the rules relating to our profession and founding our lawyer guarantee, you will learn about the criteria on which we base our fees

We decide together, in complete transparency and in writing, the details of our collaboration: fees, external costs, payment, deadline, mission, information, obligations, etc.

Any evolution or modification of the mission will be decided together in writing to safeguard our confidence in the collaboration.

Trust relationship

As we are used to in Sweden, our sincerity and honesty are our DNA and the fundamental values ​​that we proudly carry with you so that our collaboration is as positive as possible.

We'll tell you exactly what we offer and why. We will always wait for your agreement before taking action.

For hourly rate billing, 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 50 minutes worked will be billed based on the actual time spent on your case, without rounding up. Details of the time spent and our actions will be communicated to you.

Flat rate / subscription / hourly fee

Depending on the specifics of your case, the subject, the interventions, the time allocated and the issues, the invoicing of our fees is often constructed in stages, in stages.

In certain cases billing based on time spent is necessary. Certain situations requiring adaptation, subscription may also be possible. Sometimes the remuneration is based on a percentage of the amount involved: the money obtained for the benefit of the client, the money saved on behalf of the client or on the value of the real estate

Modes and methods of payment : to facilitate our communications, payment of invoices and fees can be made via Stripe link, international bank transfer, SEPA or by check issued by a French bank.