Guarantees Attorney Counsel and Real Estate Agent Lawyer

Ensuring you comfort, confidence and security in your French projects, situations : protecting you

Why an Attorney Counsel = a sworn Lawyer?

Because an Attorney Counsel allows you to secure your situation and to calmly look forward in confidence!

Cultural understanding

Swedish – French – American for optimal trust, security and calm with your French investments, projects, issues

Legal expertise

to serve your interests and strategically secure your legal, financial, administrative situation in France

360° Approach 

a “one stop shop”, allowing you to benefit from a competent and trustworthy person to represent, to look after your interests in France

⇒ To secure the situation with a safe strategy

⇒ To optimize and limit legal, financial, tax risks.

⇒ To restore confidence, good sleep, peace of mind.

⇒ For the benefit of analyzis of the context and needs, advice based on guaranteed and updated information.

⇒ For the benefit of specific expertise and understanding of different cultures, usages, habits.

⇒ For the benefit of clear, educational explanations in a common language.

⇒ For the benefit of perfect knowledge about particularities in a sector and environment, abtou uses,practices but also constraints and opportunities.

Contacting a Lawyer at the beginning of a project or a question is always a good idea!

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 An Attorney Counsel Lawyer offers real guarantees.

The professional liability insurance applies to every advice, consultation, assistance, mandate, representation!

Real Estate Agent Lawyer Guarantee

The professional liability insurance covers (…) all activities authorized to the Attorney Counsel Lawyer by the RIN (French National Bar Rules).

In his/her activity as an agent in real estate transactions, the Attorney Counsel Lawyer remains bound to respect the essential principles of his profession and the rules of conflict of interest; he/she may only act for one of the parties and will only receive fees from that party.

The Attorney Counsel Lawyer shall comply with the appendix to the rules of procedure concerning the rules relating to negotiation.

(Article P.6.3.1 of the Internal Rules of the Paris Bar)

Attorney Counsel Lawyer Guarantee

The professional liability insurance covers (…) all activities authorized to the Attorney Counsel Lawyer by the RIN (French National Bar Rules).

The professional liability insurance applies to each advice, consultation, assistance, mandate, representation the Attorney Counsel Lawyer takes on!

Two insurances are the basis of the guarantees:
– one that guarantees his/her professional civil liability,
– the other which guarantees the management of the money entrusted to him/her in the exercise of his profession.

(Article 27 of the (French) law of December 31, 1971).

French Attorney Counsel, sworn lawyer’s advantages :

  1. Practicing as a French Attorney Counsel and Lawyer is strictly regulated for clients’ safety. He/she is sworn in at the Bar of a Court of Appeal with means to work anywhere in France
  2. A compulsory continuous training completes his/her knowledge.
  3. The sworn lawyer must give several moral and behavioural guarantees. A strict Code of conduct governs the activities of sworn lawyers in France: professional secrecy, confidentiality etc
  4. The French National Internal Regulations (RIN) and Code of conduct are binding on all sworn lawyers in France.
  5. Essential principles such as independence, conscience, etc. guide them in each case. Check out the RIN (in French)
  6. The European sworn Lawyers’ Code of Conduct completes the rules if several sworn lawyers from the European Union are present. Check out the EU Code (in French)

A French Attorney Counsel is a sworn lawyer, a

controlled legal expert in whom you can trust.

⇒ A person with a private practice as a legal consultant or lawyer is not regulated or controlled. Their services do not offer the guarantee of a sworn professional lawyer such as Attorney Counsels whose level of education, skills, training and behavior is controlled.

⇒ Such legal consultant or lawyer, if not an employee of a professional structure and who gives advice is therefore a situation of the illegal exercise of Attorney Counsel and private lawyer practices which is a protected, controlled and guaranteed title.

⇒ In some other countries however a non sworn lawyer may offer and charge for legal services but without the protective guarantee of the Attorney Counsel, sworn lawyer.

 « Attorney Counsels, sworn lawyers, are more effective in informing, advising, defending you, they give guarantee of reliability and legal security, confidentiality and ethics, the best way to guarantee your rights. »

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