Foreign individuals

Sleep soundly in the US, in Sweden or elsewhere, Sara Byström takes care of you, your projects and issues in France!

Have you
inherited a real estate property located in France and don’t know what to do with declarations, notaires etc ?

Do you
need to know if and how French inheritance law and rules apply to your situation and the consequences?

Do you
wonder about how to best sell or buy a house, apartment or land in France or a French territory?

Do you
wish to organize your assets, goods, values and housing wealth in France?

Do you
want to know if the employment contract you are offered for a work in France protects you?

Do you
want to settle in France and wish assistance to guarantee the success of your demand?

Do you
want to start a real estate renting activity in France and want to do it in confidence and full security?

Do you
want to be clear about your administrative and fiscal status in France and its consequences?

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Cultural understanding

Swedish – French – American for optimum performance 

Legal Expertise

to be in the service of your interests
and legal situation in France


allowing you to benefit from a legal and administrative concierge service in France

A la carte service

– Legal analysis of your assets in France
– Representation with notaries and bailiffs
– Analysis of real estate agreement
– Inheritance consultation
– Representation with banks and insurances
– Real estate transaction memos – sell buy rent
– Tax consultation to choose asset management
– Analysis of employment contract
– Advice on settling in France
– Consultation for real estate operations
– Legal assistance in France w/ mediation and legal proceedings
– Memo on French labour law


– What does the document French administration sent me mean?
– Why are the notary’s actions so time consuming?
– Who should pay the real estate agent and the other fees?
– Why am I told to create a SCI company in my real estate operation?
– How do I fill in the bank’s form to open a bank account?
– What are the consequences of a family donation ?
– Which are the risks I should consider in real estate renovation or restoration?


– I’ve received a bailiff’s document
– I don’t understand why my bank account is blocked ?
– I’ve received a request to pay immediately
– I’m subject to a tax audit
– I’ve received summons to appear before the judge, in court
– I have to leave my apartment very quickly
– The renovation of my real estate property has stopped
– I have been informed I’ll my job in France
– I received a letter, an email whose content and risks I want to know
– My tenant refuses to leave my property

Real Estate Agent Lawyer

Choose security and confidence in centralizing your purchase, sale or rental of any apartment, house, building, land, in the entire France with us.

Lawyer and registered Agent in real estate transactions, our assistance makes you benefit from all legal security and control you real estate project or issue deserves!

Feel free to contact us for more info!

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Our fees 

Swedish trust
in action

As we are used to in Sweden, our sincerity and kindness are our DNA and core values we proudly carry with us to make our collaboration with you as positive as possible.

We will therefore tell you exactly what we propose and why we are suggesting it. We will always wait for your approval before acting. The same goes for our written material, which you will validate before taking any action.

If the billing is at an hourly rate, when we have worked 10 minutes, 20 minutes or 50 minutes on the mission you have entrusted to us, the billing will be done only on the reality of the time we have spent for your file. You will also be provided with details of the time spent and our actions taken during the mission.

Clarity and predictability

After having explained the rules relating to our profession and the basis of our legal guarantee, you will be informed about how our fees are set.

We decide together, in full transparency and in writing, the terms of our collaboration for your file: fees, external costs, payment, deadline, mission, information, obligations, etc.

Any evolution, any modification of the mission and/or its conditions will be decided together and then put in writing to preserve the confidence between us.

Preliminary interview
and audit

To clearly analyze your request and your needs, it is important for us to start any collaboration with a preliminary interview. This can be done by phone, by video conference or during an appointment at our office.

In order to help you in the best possible way, every file starts with an audit of your situation. It is therefore normal that we as a first step ask you to provide us with all the information and documents you have.

We will then be able to provide you with an audit detailing our proposed actions and the conditions needed to implement them. We then decide togethter how your file is best taken care of and how you wish to move forward.

Fixed price / subscription /
hourly fee

Depending on the specificities of your matter, issue or project, its subject, actions to set forth, estimated time needed and all the stakes, invoicing of our fees are often determined in stages, as we go forward, step by step.

Sometimes a fixed-price billing may be possible. In some cases a time-based billing will be necessary. In some situations, a subscription can be set out. A percentage on the amount at stake can sometimes be decided : amount obtained for the benefit of the client, the money saved on behalf of the client or on the value of the real estate property.

Payment means and methodes

To facilitate our communication, payment of invoices and fees can be made by Stripe link, international bank transfer or SEPA wire or by check issued on a French bank.

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