Foreign companies

We are your trusted partner to protect and guarantee the interests of your companies, partnerships, activities in France!

Do you
want to start a business in France and want to choose best corporate form and know applicable rules?

Do you
want to develop your business with French customers and secure your contracts, T C, EULA, transactions?

Do you
need to outsource your HR services and legal management for your operations in France?

Are you
a foreign innovating leader in your field and want to take shares on the French market?

Do you
think about hiring an employee in France and want to diminish your labour law risks with a real employment agreement?

Do you
have a French customer or client not paying the invoices and you want to undertake debt collecting?

Do you
need to protect your brand, logo, trade dress, name or other Intellectual Property (IP) assets in France?

Do you
want to increase and develop your business in France or towards French customers with a solid French legal strategy?

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Cultural understanding

Swedish – French – American for optimum performance in France

Legal expertise

to contribute to your success in France and neutralize your legal, financial and admin risks

 360° Approach

with our network of trusted partners to fully take on charge your company and managers

A la carte service

– Creation of French company structure
– Drafting of employment contract
– Legal and administrative management of business activities
– Elaboration of general conditions, policies, customer contracts
– General and specific legal risk analysis
– Debt collection
– Contract analysis and management: partnership, suppliers etc.
– Legal analysis of immaterial assets: website, brand, logo, design etc
– Management of your banking and tax situation
– Legal business strategy


– Are our legal and commercial terms, contracts sufficient?
– Should we create a subsidiary or are there other choices?
– What contracts for a safe B to B trade?
– Does our website or ecommerce comply with all the French rules?
– How can we diminish our labour law risks ?
– How do we secure our service provision contract with a French partner?
– When is a chartered accountant useful or mandatory ?
– How can we best protect our foreign head office against legal implication ?


– We have received a formal notice and need strategic advice on next step
– Our carrier or shipping partner doesn’t comply with our order
– Do we need to set forth a quick risk management plan ?
– We have received a summons to come to court
– Our request for delay of payment is rejected
– We are in trouble with an employee
– We have a water damage in our office 
– The French subsidiary is subject to tax and social security control

Real Estate Agent Lawyer

Be assured of legal security in your real estate projects, transactions, issues. Entrust us with the transfer, sale, rental or purchase of your offices, commercial premises, storage warehouse or land in France or a French territory.

Lawyer and registered Agent in real estate transactions, secure and control your company’s real estate by having us be your representative!

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Our fees 

Swedish trust
in action

As we are used to in Sweden, our sincerity and kindness are our DNA, the core values we proudly carry with us to make our collaboration with you as positive as possible.

We will tell you exactly what we propose to do and why. We will always wait for your approval before acting whether in writing or otherwise.

If the billing is at an hourly rate, when we’ve worked 10, 20 or 50 minutes on your mission, billing will be done only on real time spent on your file. You will get details of time and actions taken on during our work for you.

Clarity and predictability

After having explained our professional rules, the basis of our legal guarantee, you will be informed about the way our fees are set.

We decide together in transparency and writing, all details of our collaboration: fees, external costs, payment, deadline, mission, information, obligations etc.

Any evolution or modification of the mission will be decided together in writing to preserve the confidence between us.

Preliminary interview
and audit

To clearly analyse your request and needs, it is important to start our collaboration with an interview done by phone, video conference or appointment in real life.

We start with an audit of your situation to be able to help you in the best way. As a first step we therefore ask you to provide all information and documents you possess.

Our audit will detail proposed actions and conditions needed to implement them. We decide together how your file is best taken care of based on how you wish to move forward.

Fixed price / subscription /
hourly fee

Depending on the specificities of matter, issue or project, its subject, actions to set forth, estimated time needed as well as the stakes, invoicing of our fees are often determined in stages, as we go forward, step by step.

Sometimes a fixed-price billing may be possible and in some cases a time-based billing will be necessary.

Aware that some situations deserve a particular adaptation, a subscription could also be agreed on as well as a percentage on the amount at stake such as the money obtained for the benefit of the client, the money saved on behalf of the client or on the value of the real estate property.

Payment means and methods

To facilitate our communication, payment of invoices and fees can be made by Stripe link, international bank transfer or SEPA wire or by check issued on a French bank.

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