Sara Byström, your right-hand woman taking care of your interests in France

French Attorney counsel and lawyer born in Sweden, I represent the interests of Swedes, Americans and other citizens of the world in Molière’s country.

Foreign companies

Foreign individuals

Artists, Producers, Media 

Photographer, Image prof

Real Estate


If we work together, you will not be a file, you will be close to us as it is the tradition in Sweden.


Every problem has a solution and it is my role to bring it to you, whatever its importance, whatever the field.


Just because you don’t know French law doesn’t mean you have to stay in the dark. I do what I say, and I explain why.

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Foreign Companies

Swedes, Amercians and anglo-saxons

A trusted contact to protect and guarantee the interests of your companies, partnerships and activities ! Creation of a subsidiary, daily life of the activity, development strategy, drafting of contracts and all your other needs will be taken care of by us, which will optimize your presence and your success in France.

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Foreign individuals

Swedes, Americans and anglo-saxons

Sleep well in Sweden, in the United States or elsewhere, Sara takes care of you and your interests in France! An inheritance, a house to buy or an apartment to sell, a contract to sign, work to be done, a desire to understand the tax system and many other questions managed by us for your serenity and security.

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Culture and media professionals

Cultural, artistic and media actors

Be reassured by the optimization of your activity in the artistic, creative, media or cultural heritage world. Rich in values and stakes as in copyright and intellectual property, these activities deserve to benefit from our expertise and experience!

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Photography professionals

Photographers and photo industry actors

Rooted in our origins, our passion for photography, images and visual worlds is expressed relentlessly and every day at the international level for over 30 years, including 10 years in one of the largest photographic agencies in France and in the world!

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If we work together, you will not be a file, you will be close to us as it is the tradition in Sweden.

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