Practice dedicated to Swedish, Scandinavian and other foreign private individuals with interests in France

With a clear international position in its expertise for foreigners, Byström Law Firm assists a large number of private individuals with property rights and patrimoinial interests in France : Swedes, Scandinavians and other nationalities.

Byström Law Firm thus advises, assists and represents its individual clients in questions regarding the management of their goods, properties and real estate investments such as agreements, formalities and tax aspects with regard to sales, acquisitions and renting of houses and appartments located in France.

The Law Firm in addition works on the taw questions concerning tax declarations and tax payments as well as wills and more largely related administrative questions such as regarding insurance questions and in bank matters of its clients from Sweden, Scandinavia, USA and other countries.

In inheritance matters where French legal aspects are present, Byström Law Firm may propose to its clients a specific administrative assistance in these specific processes in France, specifically complex for foreigners with inheritance interests in France. The Law Firm may also make available to its clients a network of partners with complementary expertise : notaires, huissiers, real estate agents…

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As your strategic partner Byström Law Firm assists you, advises you, represents and defends you,

notably on the following questions… :

Need a lawyer to represent me in my relation with a French tax administration ?

Heir of a real estate asset located in France ?

About to sign a lease agreement for a limited periode in France ?

Looking for a representative in a real estate transaction before a French notary ?

Mandatory actions to take when you buy a French appartment ?

How can I be sure that my parent’s assets in France have all been correctly inventoried ?

Projecting to donate your house located in France to your children ?

Need assistance with a French bank in order to understand their document ?

Working in Switzerland or Belgium and wishing to live in France ?

Formalities and mandatory registrations when selling a real estate asset in France ?

French tax consequences of the leasing of your French appartment ?

Need for a strategy in transmitting your French assets ?

How financially help a family member or a friend who lives in France ?

Want to know more about French rules related to inheritance ?

Which tax aspects are induced to your individual business in France ?

How determine a tax residence ?

Need a contract in order to lend my appartement in France ?

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