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Sara Byström
French Lawyer & Attorney Counsel, member of the French national & Paris Bar Associations, France

4 avenue Hoche
75008 Paris

Byström Avocat – Selarl au capital de 1.000 euros
Inscrite au Barreau de Paris – RCS Paris 880 508 577 00017
EU VAT number : FR15880508577

Security and expertise with a French sworn lawyer and attorney counsel !

Providing strategic legal advice
Drafting of contracts, agreements, opinions
Negotiating in strategic discussions and talks
Assisting in litigations, mediations, arbitrations
Representing against opposite parties
Protecting rights and interests

Copyright, photo law and cultural heritage law

Copyright, photo rights and cultural heritage rights

Advise and assistance to authors, photographers, third party rights holders, artists, architects, producers, art market actors and actors in the field of cultural heritage.

Business law for foreign companies and investors in France

Business law for foreign companies and investors in France

Advise, assistance and representation for companies doing business or preparing business in France or already engaged with French companies.

Private law for foreign individuals : real estate, assets, tax law and inheritance

Private law for foreign individuals : real estate, tax law and inheritance

Advise and representation for foreign individuals, Swedes or others, concerning assets, real estate management, investments, tax law and inheritance questions.

Byström Avocat : your adviser, assistant and representative in the entire France !

Welcome to Byström Avocat international Law Firm

We are at your service to assist you with your concerns and needs with relation to your French businesses, investments and real estate and with your adminstrative matters regarding France or holding French aspects. Byström Law Firm is also happy with assisting you concerning European law and regulations, taxes and bank issues. Our legal services can be provided in the entire France.

Our clients are companies and businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups and creators, producers and institutions as well as private individuals and non-residents with  assets, interests or activity in France.

Our distinctive features

High importance given to our attorney counsel – client relationship
Attentive listening, explanation and trustful communication
One unique representative, available and always up to date on the client’s matter
Swedish pragmatisme, adding the operationnel side of law and legal rules !

Advantage Byström Law firm : concrete applied law approach with actions in the entire France

Business law for companies – especially foreign investments

Based on its extensive experience within international companies, both inhouse and as external partner, Byström law firm assists its international business clients with concrete answers to your French legal and tax issues, HR and labour law questions and other commercial needs.

We hence propose to advise and assist foreign companies and entrepreneurs in creating French companies or subsidiaries, drafting and negotiation of commercial contracts and other legal documents (T&C, lease, licences, distribution agreement, internal policies etc). We also assist with elaboration and development of business projects with regard to French specificities such as specific BtoB, BtoC and CtoC rules notably.

Byström Avocat offers additional specific expertise in intellectual property rights, new technologies, e-commerce, marketing, competition- and media issues.

As a complement, we also advice in safe harbour, innovation, data and privacy matters and assist in the management of mandatory registers and formalities as well as other actions such as insurances, real estate, leases or bank- questions.

Byström law firm also proposes to represent its business clients vis-a-vis their French partners in negotiations, French clients, company register, brokers etc. We work on debt recovery, tax returns, or in any legal proceeding, litigation, mediation- or arbitration.

Private law for individuals – especially non residents

Byström Law Firm advises and assists its private individuals and non-resident clients from different countries with their real estate assets, financial investment projects, tax return matters, inheritance questions or other administrative matters such as bank or insurance matters etc.

We advise our clients, we elaborate, negotiate and sign agreements and documents regarding real estate matters, with purchases, sales, donations and renting etc.

Byström Avocat also assists its clients in case of recommended or mandatory formalities such as signing of sales agreement in place of the client, deposit or registration of French wealth tax returns, inheritance declaration etc.

We can hence offer to represent the client during the whole process of the legal situation and can act anywhere within the French territories, overseas included.

Our network with complementary partners (real estate agents, notaries, bailiffs or ushers etc.) are available at all stages.

Thus, as your representative agent, Byström Law Firm also initiates and represents your interests through legal actions, debt recovery and court proceedings or for renovations works etc.

IPR, copyright & related rights for operators in creative industries – especially foreign

Byström Avocat offers its French IPR, copyright, related rights and creative industry expertise to a wide range of international clients from the photo, film & media industries, the art market, entertainment & cultural heritage sector.

We hence advise, assist & represent creators, producers, agencies, artists & institutions with their French legal, tax and administrative questions to the production, registration, protection & management of their creations, works and rights.

Byström Avocat establishes & negotiates licenses, transfers, buy-outs, EULA, cease and desist letters and other contracts such as work for hire agreements notably.

In case of infringement or counterfeiting, we initiate and conduct specialized court actions and proceedings or, in case preferable, conduct negotiations, mediations or arbitration.

Advantage Byström Law firm : strategy set forth in direct collaboration with the client

Together with our client we determine the most adapted strategy, according to the client’s wishes and the possibilities of the particular case.  When needed or if client wishes we offer, through our networks with different partners, complementary expertise such as with partner attorney counsels such as within our partnership with Berg & Moll Rechtsanwälte Avocats (site: Berg & Moll Rechtsanwälte Avocats), other specialized attorney counsels, bailiffs or ushers, notary or notary public and real estate agents among others.

We try to be as responsive as possible and appreciate to be close to our clients.  Therefore, our means of communication are multiple. As an international law firm we are largely used to be digitally connected to our remote clients even in case of time difference. Communication by e-mail, Skype and telephone will be privileged if we cannot meet for real either in our office, at the client’s premises or somewhere else if it’s important for the dossier.

Our fluent working languages are French, Swedish and English but we also speak and understand Danish.

Determine legal risks  > Informe about solutions  > Act for resolution

Byström law firm favours upstream legal management and strategic risk management

Byström international law firm, accordingly to its Swedish origins, also endeavors to create understanding for the importance of risk management upstream, Attorney Counsel Byström also proposes individualized lectures, seminars and trainings for clients and their staff, in situ or off situ, in English, Swedish and French, both internationally as well as in France.

Should you have any question or need for details or proposal of our partners for different areas of expertise or partners acting in other countries, we are be happy to help you.
We look forward to you contacting us !

Byström Avocat